Welcome to the New USEV Blog

We’re a team of students at the University of Strathclyde working to develop a highly efficient electric vehicle for the annual Shell Eco-Marathon competition. Currently, there are over 70 students from a wide range of departments all working to ensure the vehicle is completed on time and on budget. Each member is involved with one of our six sub-teams: Body and Aerodynamics, Chassis, Electronics, Stability and Control, Research and Development and Marketing and Communications.  

Since starting in 2016, USEV has created two vehicles and we’re working on finishing our third this year. Our 2017/18 vehicle – named Clyde 2.0 – was the first to make it onto the track at the Shell Eco-Marathon and completed a total of 22 laps of the nearly 1 km track, achieving an efficiency of 130 km/kWh, equal to 2,700 MPGe!

This year, we’ve combined the best design elements from the last two years to improve Clyde 3.0’s safety, reliability and efficiency. An important element of this year’s design is weight reduction, as this is one of the major factors affecting the overall efficiency of the vehicle. The chassis alone will be nearly half the weight of last year’s, resulting in a significant weight reduction. Another area where inefficiencies can arise is the motor, this year we’ll be using a custom designed motor, ensuring we can operate at the highest efficiency for the majority of the time on the track.

Over the coming weeks, this blog will showcase the design, manufacturing and testing work each sub-team has been doing and give a fascinating insight into the process of designing a high-efficiency electric vehicle.  

We’ll also be publishing monthly newsletters giving a bigger picture of the work that’s going on and showing off the exciting events the team get to attend.

In the meantime, check us out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for regular updates on the design and manufacture work that’s taking place right now.
USEV also has a website!