This year USEV has a bigger team than ever, with almost 70 students taking part in producing our most ambitious project yet.

Leading this team is:

Ciaran Duguid as Team Manager, Ross Milligan as Electrical Technical Manager, 

Cameron Blackwood as Mechanical Technical Manager and William Bardsley as Team Treasurer. 

Leading the Mechanical sub teams this year we have:

Harrison Kurtyka, leading the Body and Aerodynamics team

George Hulme, leading the Chassis team

Aaron Weidmann, leading the Stability and Control team

Leading the Electrical sub system teams this year, we have:

Martin Riis, leading the Battery System team

Scott Lawson, leading the Propulsion System team

Mark Falconer, leading the Telemetry team

Leading the Marketing team, we have Ross Pearce

Jointly leading the Research team, we have Lukáš Murphy

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