The Board

Team Manager- Emma Burnley-Davies

My name is Emma Burnley-Davies and I am a 4th year Product Design Engineering student. I am the Head of the University of Strathclyde Eco-Vehicle team after being in the team for all 4 of my years at Strathclyde. I am in charge of managing the whole team, organising events and ensuring we have a working car at the end of the year to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon with. USEV is an invaluable experience that has enriched my university experience and given me the opportunity to apply my engineering knowledge and become more confident in my own abilities as well as build on my skills as a leader.

Treasurer- Aaron Weidmann

Hi, my name is Aaron and I am currently in my 5th year studying Mechanical Engineering. In the past I have been heavily involved in the technical design of the car, specifically with the stability and control team,  however this year my role as Treasurer of USEV has involved a lot more admin, and general planning for the team. I hope to provide good support for all USEV team members and hopefully leave the team with a clear vision for the future. I am looking forward to hopefully meeting new team members in person soon, and am excited for all of the improvements that our team is going to come up with this year.

Electrical Tech Director- Ross McTeir

I’m Ross, and I’m currently finishing my 5th year of my Masters degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Working as the Electrical Technical Director for USEV involves being able to manage people without feeling the need to directly get involved. The ability to delegate tasks for the greater student experience is a vital part of this role. Through USEV I hoped to gain an insight into something bigger than myself and work as a team to achieve something. I am most looking forward to introducing the new members of the team to the running car for the first time.

Mechanical Tech Director- Ewan Scholefield

My name is Ewan Scholefield and I am studying Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. In USEV I am the Mechanical Technical Director, my role is to coordinate and manage all of the mechanical sub-teams. By joining USEV, I hope to gain experience of working on actual engineering projects where the decisions and success of the project relies on myself and my peers. What I’m most looking forward to is the design and construction of the monocoque for our new car, Clyde 4, which will be the most ambitious and advanced technical challenge we have ever attempted.

Head of Marketing and Communications- Zoë Cameron

Hi I’m Zoë and I am in my 3rd year of my International Business degree, studying Marketing and Management.  I joined the USEV team and board this year as the head of Marketing and Communications as a way of putting both aspects of my degree into practice.  It has been a great opportunity to meet people not only out with my course, but out with the Business School.  My role entails coordinating the promotion and outreach of our team through various channels as well as contacting and engaging sponsors.  I am looking forward to learning more about the engineering side of the team and integrating it into marketing communications.


Electrical Sub-teams

Propulsion System – James Macleod

My name is James Macleod, and I am studying Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. As the Electrical Powertrain manager, my role is to support my sub team members in developing systems for driving the 3 phase motor used to power the car, and various other systems within the car. By joining USEV, I’m gaining experience with working in teams on real world engineering systems, and learning practical skills with application in electronics. I’m most looking forward to developing a new 3 phase motor controller, working with a custom designed motor.

Battery System – Martin Riis

Hi, I’m Martin, I’m in my fifth year of an MEng degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and currently leading the battery system team in USEV. I joined the team when it started back in 2016 with the ambition of gaining new skills and having a platform to apply my engineering knowledge to. It’s been an incredible journey to see the team and the car evolve over the past four years into what it is today. I’m excited to see the development of our all-new battery management system and can’t wait to see everything come together next year!

Telemetry – Ross McTeir

I’m Ross, and I’m currently finishing my 5th year of my Masters degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I am operating as the Telemetry Manager to monitor all aspects of measurements throughout the running of the car. This involves leading a group of first years to get acquainted with the technologies in the car, and come up with a plan to monitor external factors. I am most looking forward to introducing the new members of the team to the running car for the first time.

Mechanical Sub-teams

Stability and Control – Bhuvan Palraj

My name is Bhuvan and I am a full time MSc Design Engineering with Advanced Product Development post graduate student. As the S&C Manager my role is to support my team to develop systems to steer the vehicles when throttled and to bring them to stop when we want to. I have taken up this role to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and from whom I would have a varied learning experience. This year is all about overcoming the present obstacles and making a stable system.

Chassis – Nick Coles

Hi my name is Nick, I am the chassis lead and am studying Mechanical Engineering. Currently, in my 5th year of study and working on the monocoque chassis for the next generation USEV vehicle. I am very competent using most modelling softwares and comfortable using MATLAB scripting and don’t mind helping out with problems, whether be it USEV specific or not. I have various experiences within industry from health and safety to maintenance; outside the team I have had the chance to build drones and get an understanding of Arduino coding. The reason I joined the team is because I am a strong believer in teaching and learning from others. 

Body and Aerodynamics – Bilal Arshed

My name is Bilal Arshed, and I am a full-time Aero-Mechanical Engineering student at USEV. As the manager of Body & Aerodynamics, my job is to help my sub-team analyse the flow characteristics of our vehicle and develop ways to enhance the flow features of our car to make it more aerodynamically efficient. Since joining USEV I have been fortunate enough to work alongside many talented individuals from a variety of different engineering backgrounds. The diversity this has brought has enabled us to deliver creative solutions to the problems we face, which has been a very instructive experience which I value greatly. USEV has a number of exciting development ideas over the horizon, one which I am most looking forward to is the undercarriage redesign of our new vehicle the Clyde 3.5.

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