Farnell Sponsorship Announcement

We are very happy to have recently reached a sponsorship agreement with Farnell, who will be providing us with the electronics components used within our car.

Farnell is one of the world’s biggest electronics distributors, with bases in Europe, North America and Asia, and a supplier list spanning across the globe. They have kindly agreed to provide the team with the electronics components needed to construct our car, which are already being used within the Powertrain, Telemetry and Electronics Distribution Systems development teams!

The element14 community connects a worldwide network of over half a million engineers, hobbyists and other innovators, providing a platform for the exchange of expertise. The result of this is a 24/7 centre for support from top engineers across a wide range of industries, all open to collaborating on whatever engineering challenge its members may be facing.

Access to this community presents an opportunity for USEV to interact with and gain advice from a host of engineers with backgrounds in a range of sectors. The team are looking forward to taking part in this exchange of knowledge and ideas, which will no doubt greatly benefit them in the run-up to the Shell Eco-Marathon! For anyone who is interested in reading project updates from the USEV team, we will be posting our progress updates on community element14 STEM academy.